TraveLling to THE US?

ATM Access
in the USA

As a Canadian EXCHANGE cardholder, you have surcharge-free access to over 40,000 ATMs across the US through the Allpoint network. These ATMs can be found in top retail locations and allow you to withdraw cash without paying an extra fee to the ATM owner. Simply look for the Allpoint logo when travelling in the US or use our ATM Locator.

You can also withdraw money at over 500,000 ATMs displaying the Accel debit payments network logo across the US for a fee.


Merchant Locations

Many financial institutions also offer access to the Accel Point of Sale (POS) debit network in the USA. The Accel network is one of the largest POS networks in the USA with more than 3,000,000 merchant locations.
The Accel Network works exactly the same way debit card purchases work at home. Purchases are paid for by swiping or inserting your debit card and verifying the transaction with your confidential PIN.

Available services to you

Are you unsure as to whether you have access to the Accel Network? Look up your credit union or bank on our Participating Financial Institutions page to determine what Accel services you have access to.

Participating Financial Institutions