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Member Newsletter - December 2014

Member Newsletter December 2014


FICANEX Services announces the retirement of Linda Matheson, Network General Manager, on January 16, 2015. Under Linda’s leadership we have seen our network grow from a B.C. regional based network to a network that spans every province from coast to coast. Financial Institution Participants have grown from 69 to 190; network ATMs from 550 to over 2,500; and Canadian Exchange cardholders have grown from 1.5 million to over 4.2 million; not to mention the tremendous growth we have seen south of the border and the value of North American connectivity to all Canadian Exchange cardholders.

Linda has been instrumental in developing leading edge solutions and services to ensure superior service to your cardholders and greater brand awareness for both our Financial Institution Participants and our unique national network.

We give great thanks to Linda for her 14 years of passion and commitment to our company, network, and all Financial Institution Participants, positioning us well for the future. Enjoy your well deserved retirement Linda, we will miss you greatly!


On August 31st, 2014 all Ontario Credit Unions under a Central 1 Master Agreement renewed their membership in the network reinforcing the value THE EXCHANGE® Network plays in providing superior service to cardholders both in Canada and in the United States.

FICANEX Services would like to thank each Participant in Ontario for your continued support of our unique network!


On October 28, 2014 FICANEX Services welcomed CFF Bank to THE EXCHANGE® Network. CFF Bank, headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, will be a new debit card issuer targeting January 2015 for the rollout of debit cards to their customers. CFF Bank cardholders will have access to Exchange ATMs in Canada, as well as the Accel™ Network for ATM and POS services south of the border.

Welcome aboard CFF Bank and good luck with the rollout of your new debit cards providing your customers with the largest surcharge-free, inter-institution, full function ATM Network in Canada!


Credit Union

In this issue we challenge you to test your knowledge of THE EXCHANGE® Network and the value it brings to your Financial Institution and your cardholders. Below is a list of 10 network facts. As you read along, keep track of how many you knew. We would love to hear how well you did so email your score to info@TheExchangeNetwork.ca. 10 is a perfect score, and remember, no cheating!

Did you know?

  • There are over 2,500 surcharge-free Exchange ATMs in Canada.

  • There are over 425,000 Accel™ ATMs and over 3 million Accel™ POS merchant locations in the United States.

  • Your Financial Institution earns revenue each time your cardholder performs an Accel™ POS transaction in the 
    United States.

  • PIN Change transactions are available on every Exchange ATM.

  • As part of our national We’re On Your Way™ marketing program your Financial Institution can order free sticky wipe
    screen cleaners as cardholder giveaways.

  • As part of our national We’re On Your Way™ marketing program your Financial Institution can order free Take One 
    stands and flyers for in-branch support of the network and these flyers can also be used for onboarding purposes and
    statement inserts.

  • Our ATM Locator App for smartphones and tablets has new features such as My Saved Locations and Share this 

  • We created a custom Point of Interest File for GPS devices so cardholders can easily find a surcharge-free ATM
    when en route.

  • Our ATM database includes a Landmark Field so you can further describe the exact location of the ATM, for example 
    “in the mall” or “beside the super market” making it super easy to find. 

  • Our logo decal appears on all Exchange ATMs so cardholders can clearly identify that it is a surcharge-free 
    Exchange ATM. 


As part of our national We’re On Your Way marketing campaign we can once again be heard on radio stations from coast to coast. There are 3 radio spot themes that tie in nicely with our full suite of visuals that everyone can take advantage of in the FI area of our website. The radio sound files are also available if you wish to use them on your local radio stations or telephone systems.

And just a friendly reminder that we still have Take One stands and flyers as well as free sticky wipe screen cleaners as cardholder giveaways. Quantities are limited so place your order by emailing Nicole Cappon at ncappon@TheExchangeNetwork.ca.

Check the listing below for cities, stations and duration of our radio spots.

City Station Date Length Details
Prince George, BC 101.3 FM
The River 
& 99.3
The Drive 
  Oct 6 Rest
cruiser plus
visual exposure
Vancouver, BC  JR 93.7  Oct 6 8 New Country
Vancouver, BC  Z95.3  Oct 6 8 Contemporary
Hit Radio
Terrace, BC  CFNR  Oct 6 8 Canada’s First
Nations Radio
Kelowna, BC  Power
 Oct 6 12 Rock
Kamloops, BC  B100  Oct 6 12 Hot adult
Whistler, BC  101.5
 Oct 6 26 Includes
commercial on
Weather Report
London, ON  98.2
Free FM
 Oct 6 12 Classic Rock
Windsor, ON  MIX96.7  Oct 6 8 Hot adult 
Toronto, ON  Z103.5  Oct 6 10 Contemporary
Hit Radio
Hamilton, ON  KX94.7  Oct 6 12 New
Ottawa, ON  KISS
 Oct 6 8 Today’s
best Music
Halifax, NS  LIVE
 Oct 6 12 Modern
Moncton, NB  K94.5  Oct 6 12 Contemporary
Hit Radio
Charlottetown, PEI  HOT
 Oct 6 12 Top 40
St. John’s, NL  OZ FM  Oct 6 8 Hot Adult


Credit Union

As 2014 comes to a close we reflect on another successful year for THE EXCHANGE® Network and thank you for your continued support and commitment of our unique network. On behalf of FICANEX Services Board and Staff, we would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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